Straightening Reins follows the EAGALA Model.

Experiential Learning is proven to make a difference.  Research studies have shown experiential learning is lasting and helps transfer those skills learned.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy vs Equine Assisted Learning: http://www.eagala.org/Information/What_Is_EAP_EAL

The power of experiential learning with horses. Equine Therapy incorporates the use of horses to facilitate positive, long lasting behavior changes. As horses are incredibly intuitive creatures, interacting with them helps to build self-esteem and a connection with something outside ourselves. A horse’s sensitivity to nonverbal stimulus gives them an amazing ability to read people and reflect our emotional states. Horses have an incomparable understanding of the feelings and emotional stress that a person is going through.

Horses: The Soothing Large Animal You May Have Never Considered-  By Dr. Becker


“A recently published study has determined that kids who work with horses have a significant eduction in stress. The study represents the first evidence-based research to support reports by therapists horsemanship professionals, parents and children of the positive impact of human-equine interaction.”


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