About Us

Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Clarita Valley, conveniently located 
near the high schools and easy freeway access, Straightening Reins uses horses as a tool to promote emotional growth in teenagers. The numerous pepper trees provide shade for all of our animals, including horses, goats, and soon to be sheep and chickens. Our youth, on the ranch, will have access to two round pens, a large arena, a study room for homework, and numerous animal pens/stalls. While the students grow to understand and appreciate the tranquility and love of our horses and other animals, they’ll foster and develop life skills necessary to achieve their personal goals.

6F0A3026Deborah S. Rocha is one of the SRD ~ Straightening Reins’ founders, dedicated to providing endless opportunities to the youth, through a unique equine based program, begun in honor of her late daughter, Samantha Jean Rocha-Dyer.

5662938Joseph Jauregui, one of the SRD ~ Straightening Reins’ founders, brings his youth and enthusiasm to share that nothing is impossible, if one works hard enough to achieve.